Conditions of Sale 2024

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We will supply a quotation from your enquiry. We act as sales agents only for one Factory in China ( "The Factory") with whom we have been dealing since 1992 - and have built a strong and trusted relationship with them.They have made and shipped furniture worldwide to our customers who are always delighted with the quality of work - as can be seen from testimonials here

Before placing an order.
If you contact us via this website - we will be happy to arrange a quotation for you from "The factory".

If you are happy with the price given and wish to proceed - we then arrange for "The Factory" to invoice you directly as we cannot be involved in reselling this product in the UK . Payment can be made by Bank Transfer - or by Credit Card in the form of a Paypal Invoice. This offers you full credit card protection but costs a little more.

"The contract " (contract for the purchase of Chinese Rosewood Furniture) will not involve Finesse Furniture Ltd. in any capacity.

“The Contract" will be formed between Yourself "The Customer" as the Purchaser - and "the Factory" as the Supplier.

Finesse Furniture ltd. no longer sells any Chinese Rosewood Furniture 
to any customer as the legislation " EUTR Regulations in 2017" - prevented us from acting as an importer and reseller. We were however advised by the UK Government in August 2017 that it can be imported into the UK for "personal use". Click here to see the reply. 

As we no longer import it would be prudent for you to double check with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy - that this statement remains Valid for imports into the UK at the point of order. Finesse Furniture ltd. will no longer be checking on the validity of this 2017 statement - as we no longer import.

Payment Terms

Payment terms are 30% with Order - to be paid on receipt of the Factory Invoice - and 70% upon your approval of photographs of the finished Furniture - which will be supplied by "The Factory" prior to packing for shipment.

Should you decide you wish to proceed with the purchase of any Chinese Rosewood Furniture - at this point when the invoice is requested - we will advise full contact details of "The Factory" to "The Purchaser" in the interests of total transparency. We will request the invoice to be sent directly from the Factory (as the Supplier) directly to you (as “the Purchaser “) If for any reason at this stage you decide not to proceed - this is not a problem.

Finesse Furniture Ltd. merely acts as in an advisory capacity and as an intermediary between you and the Factory. We have dealt with this product for many years and have a lot of experience in dealing with this furniture. Our involvement pre-contract is limited only to providing quotations prior to the placement of any order. For this we receive a commission from the Factory. We will be your point of contact throughout the transaction - and we will act as intermediary from start to finish on your behalf dealing with all e mail queries between yourself and the factory. There is no additional cost to you over and above the quoted price. This constitutes the limitation of our involvement during any transaction made through our website.

We strongly advise you to check on the situation with the local Sea Port Customs and Excise officials in your country - prior to ordering - to clarify exactly what their requirements are in relation to the import of these products for personal use.

Also, we recommend you enquire what (if any) documents are required on Entry - along with what Customs charges will be levied. We can then ask the factory if they can provide any required documentation before you order - to avoid any issues on arrival.

Finesse Furniture Ltd. accepts no liability for furniture made in good faith by the factory - and shipped to any port Worldwide if you encounter problems on entry with paperwork.

Once the order is placed and initial payment made it will take around 8 weeks to manufacture the furniture and apply the top finish. Once this is done - the factory will send photos for approval before packing. Please note colours are shown on our site by way of photograph as an indication. No responsibility for variations in colour on arrival as the photographic colour be accepted - colours can vary to what you will see in your own home due to lighting variations. Also, with Wood colours the substrate on each piece of furniture may have different grains and this affects the surface colour.

All documents including your insurance policy will be sent to your home by Air Mail at this point ready for collection from the port on arrival. The insurance policy covers any damage to your furniture between the factory - whilst in transit until arrival at the Sea port.

If any damage is apparent to your crate when you collect from the port - you need to have the crate lid removed and check for damage - and notify us immediately so we can put in a claim for the furniture to be remade. We pack all furniture in very sturdy Plywood crates - so any damage is extremely rare and normally very minor. 

It is your responsibility to check with your countries Customs & Excise / Imports Team what documentation is required on entry to your country - and to confirm that they have no restrictions on the import of Chinese Rosewood Furniture - and that they will allow the import of this type of wooden furniture.

We cannot advise on this as many countries now have restrictions in place for many types of Hardwood furniture. Since the advent of the EUTR it was legislated that it is no longer allowed to import this furniture for RESALE in the United Kingdom. We therefore ceased importing for resale back in 2017

We were however advised by the UK Government in August 2017 that it can be imported into the UK for "personal use". Click here to see the reply. As we no longer import it would be prudent for you to double check that this remains legal at the point of order in case anything changes legally of which we are not aware.

The Factories " All Risk Insurance" covers the remake of your furniture if it gets damages between leaving the factory and arrival at the port - but does not cover the cost of re-shipping the order if it has to be remade. You would need to contact the shipping line direct in the event of damage to try and claim the shipping costs back from them.

We have tried to find an insurance policy to cover the cost of reshipping - but Marine Cargo Insurance policies only ever cover the cost to replace any damaged goods - not the cost of reshipping them. Finesse Furniture Ltd and the Factory accept no liability for the cost of re-shipping damaged goods - if you are unfortunate enough to get damage in transit as this is totally outide of our control ** Please ensure you ( or your haulier who collects the crates from the port ) checks them carefully for damage as damages must be advised at this point. This is because once the goods leave the port they could be damaged by your hauliers. If you are having goods collected on your behalf by a haulier or removal company - we recommened that you ensure "They must insure the transit between the Port and your home " . Most removal companies offer this for a small fee**

The factory will deliver the goods to the port once made and crated, A Vessel will then be assigned to carry to goods back to the UK . You will be notified of the Name of the Vessel - Sailing Dates and approximate ETA of the furniture in the UK ** This can vary weather is bad en route to the UK.


POSTAGE OF SMALLER ITEMS ** Sometimes due to matters beyond our control - postal shipments can be delayed. No responsibility can be accepted for delays on postage. We will send all small items - handles - stools - mahjong tables – cushion sets by either Parcel Post (also known as surface mail) which has longer delivery times or EMS (Air freight) around 7 - 10 days in normal circumstances. All of our products are sent out tracked.

SHIPPING OF LARGER ITEMS ** Sometimes due to backlogs at the ports around the UK the shipment can be delayed. No responsibility can be accepted for delays, and Port Fees on the shipment. Ports can vary their fees for a number of reasons. We have no control over UK import fees. We will on our quote give you an assessment of fees payable on entry - but you must be aware any changes to these fees are not our responsibility. Most of the time the fees quoted when the order is placed will remain good until your goods are delivered and clear customs.

An arrivals agent will be assigned. When the goods are about to arrive at your Sea Port, the Agent will contact you to take the relevant payment for Port Charges and VAT as quoted before you placed the order. The goods then have to clear customs. At this point you are then free to collect the furniture - or we can arrange for Reevs Removals to handle this for you - and to deliver to your home and carry in and unpack if required. This is an additional fee - please ask for information  We are always here to advise should you have any questions which we have not covered above. Please feel free to contact us - we will be happy to assist.

VAT on Cushion Deliveries.   

We are no longer VAT registered since the EUTR regulations stopped us shipping over full containers of furniture. We do not charge VAT on cushion purchases. We do charge the price for the cushions and Air Freight. Technically on any import it is possible for HMRC to add VAT to any imported goods - so please be aware this charge may be levied. In reality in our 30 years of Trading - we have never had a customer have this charge levied on Air Mailed Cushions.  









Previous T&Cs can be foundĀ here