Conditions of Sale


We operate in the following way. We take orders from Customers and a 30% deposit at the point of order. We then e mail the order to the factory to start production on the furniture.The factory will then build the furniture , apply the finish and then pack it and store it for us whilst we fill the balance of the container.

Each time we receive an order we update the graphic on our Intro page to show how full the container is after the order is added. We then wait for other customers orders to come in and gradually fill the container. Once we have filled the container with Orders we close the container off. From this point it will take around 6 - 8 weeks for the factory to build the final customers furniture before the container will be ready to ship.

Please do not ask us how long the furniture will take to arrive as we cannot tell you. It all depends on how fast our orders come in. All we can assure you is you will be delighted with your furniture when it arrives - but please remember this is all hand built to each customers specification and takes some time.

We cannot be specific on arrival in to the UK as to delivery dates as Customs have input into whether our container gets searched or not. A customs search normally adds up to an extra week on clearance. We then have to move the container via trunker to our Freight Agents Warehouse for unloading and sorting.  Even once unloaded at the Freight Agents Warehouse - times need to be arranged between the Freight Agents Warehouse and the Couriers who deliver on their behalf. All deliveries must be signed for. We cannot commit to timed deliveries under any circumstances as these are all outside of our control and there are many influencing factors such as traffic and road works. Once the good have arrived they are nearly always delivered within a week or two - but when we have many deliveries to go in different directions - this can take more time. For smaller items we use an overnight courier service  – we use a next day service – and again goods will not be released without a signature. Our couriers are specifically instructed not to leave anything without a signature – to cover both ourselves and you as our customer from loss or claims that goods were left somewhere.  We are a furniture importer not a transport company. We can guarantee that your goods will arrive as quickly as possible but this is all we can commit to for the reasons stated above.


If you cannot wait - ask us for a price on FAST FREIGHT SERVICE LCL  which takes around 6 weeks to build and 3 weeks to ship. The downside though on this is you have to pay the Sea Freight and Crate charges as well as the Port Fees - which all come included if you add to our container. Furthermore – you have to arrange to collect your own furniture from the port on arrival in the UK as we only collect and retrieve full containers to keep it economically viable. If we quote you for Fast Freight on any order - we will offer prevailing shipping rates at the time of quoting. These can fluctuate and we therefore reserve the right to amend shipping rates at any point up until the point of dispatch - should the rates be adjusted by our shippers. This is outside of our control and any rate changes will be passed to the customer. This is a condition of Fast Freight.


Once an Order has been placed - the deposit requested will be deemed non returnable under any circumstances. This is because we have to transfer the Money to the Factory before they start production on any piece of furniture and this is to cover set up and material purchased to make the furniture. We will not refund money under any circumstances on the initial deposit for this reason – as we create a binding contract with our supplier to pay this money and commit to the order

If - for any reason the Purchaser decides that they want to change the specifications after payment of the deposit - we will of course work with the factory and the client to try to satisfy their requests if at all possible. This will not be possible if the production process has already begun on the piece without further cost implications – but we will always report concisely with all available options. Finesse Furniture Ltd accepts no liability if the modifications cannot be made or the client does not wish to pay any extra fees involved . If you wish to Cancel your order - you will lose all monies paid


ALL FURNITURE ORDERED FROM US IS  NOT RETURNABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES Once ordered you are committing to purchase the furniture regardless of whether you change your mind or not.


Having paid your deposit - we send the money to the factory to start work on the furniture for you to your colour choice - and we Commit at this stage to our supplier that we will pay them in full . IF YOU LATER DECIDE YOU DONT WANT IT AND DO NOT PAY EITHER OR BOTH OF THE REMAINING TWO PAYMENTS - THEN WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO SELL THE FURNITURE FOR WHATEVER PRICE WE CAN GET FOR IT - TO RECOUP OUR LOSSES  AND PAY THE SUPPLIER - AND ANY MONEY ALREADY PAID BY YOU PRIOR TO THIS POINT WILL BE LOST.


In the event of your final balance payment not being made by the date when the furniture arrives with our Freight Handlers - we reserve the right to charge Storage on a daily rate until such time as the final payment is made - if it is charged to us. This never normally happens and our handlers are very amenable .


We realise that 75% before the goods leave port is expensive.

Please see below for the way in which we conduct our business with our supplier. As with most  Asian companies - we have to pay

* 30% to start production ( this is immediately transferred to the factory and is NON REFUNDABLE)

* 45% payment prior to shipping the goods. ( This is normal trading procedure for this part of the world )

* Freight and Insurance Charges in Full before the goods leave the Port.

* The goods are then shipped to the UK

Then - before the goods can leave the UK Port - we have to pay:

* VAT on the entire shipment at the Port before the goods can clear
* Documentation charges and Customs Clearance fees
* The cost of an Articulated trunker to collect the sealed container

You can hopefully see that this is an extremely expensive process just up to the stage where the goods arrive at our warehouse - and this is why we need such a large deposit. We can provide many references for anybody who is worried about this form of payment who will verify that their goods arrived safely after paying out this deposit or of course you can opt to pay by Credit Card for further protection if you still have any doubts .

For your own security we recommend that you pay by Credit Card as this affords extra security for you. Once your payment has been made - we transfer the funds to the factory to start production. Payments once made are not refundable - however we may at our discretion issue a refund if the funds have not been transferred to the factory for production to start. In the event that we do decide to issue a refund then we reserve the right to reclaim the processing fees which we are charge by the Credit Card Company. On GBP Payments we are charged 2.5% processing fees for taking a payment - and on US$ we are charged 3% for taking a payment.


We CAN OFFER you a "White Glove" Delivery Service through Reeves - who can often deliver for less than the Crated prices shown on the Website. All deliveries quoted this way assume you will help the driver to unload on arrival.

If you want 2 drivers to fully unload and carry in - this can be arranged but will affect the quoted price !

Our prices are based on delivery to the front of the driveway to your building  at ground level - and not upstairs. If you can reach a personal agreement with the driver then this is fine - but our price is to the door of the building.

IF THE FURNITURE IS TO BE CARRIED UPSTAIRS - YOU MUST PROVIDE HELP AS THE DRIVER MAY NOT PHYSICALLY BE ABLE TO MANAGE BY HIMSELF. If you do not want to do this then please request a price for a Driver and extra men before you order .

All fittings such as brass handles are supplied inside the cupboard doors in bags. It is not the responsibility of our drivers to fit handles due to the time it takes to screw them all in. This also applies to the fitting of adjustable shelves in cupboard units.

Reeves will unload and deliver to your door saving the need for a Crate and courier .


We insure your furniture ALL RISKS until it arrives at Reeves s warehouse when the insurance cover ceases.

To be able to cover the Onward delivery of your furniture fully insured after it arrives at our warehouse - The Insurers require that Reeves have to "pack the furniture " themselves.

To achieve this they will basically have to re-pack the already packed furniture inside an additional wrapping ( Removals Blankets ). The home delivery is then insured for up to £50,000 under their removals insurance Policy .

Although all goods are well packed in the factory - this is the only way we can insure the onwards journey to your home.

So If for example they quote £120 + VAT for the delivery and you have a 2 seater and a 3 seater sofa - the price is calculated as follows:

Delivery £120 + VAT
Pack 3 seater Sofa Free of Charge
Pack 2 Seater Sofa Free of charge
TOTAL £120 + VAT
Plus All risk Insurance @ 6% £9.60
TOTAL: £129.60 + VAT Delivered

This Insurance is NOT mandatory and there is a very good chance it will arrive in Good condition in the Factory packaging - but for safety we recommend Insuring the furniture for its final stage of the journey to your home from when it leave REEVES ( At this point our ALL RISKS cover ceases )


We require payment in full of all consignments which are to be sent out by our Freight Forwarding Agents before the goods leave our warehouse. All deliveries outside of our local area will be handled by our Freight Forwarding agents. OUR QUOTATIONS ARE BASED ON COURIERS DELIVERING YOUR CRATED FURNITURE TO THE ENTRANCE OF YOUR DRIVEWAY . They are not paid to carry the furniture out of the crates into your house - so please do not ask for this service as they are not Insured for this.

Most drivers are courteous and helpful - and if you wish to make a personal arrangement with the driver - this is fine - but it is not covered in the quotation for home delivery - which is quoted " To your DRIVEWAY ENTRANCE " . As the furniture is very heavy - WE SUGGEST YOU ARRANGE FOR EXTRA PEOPLE TO HELP YOU UNLOAD THE CRATES  INTO YOUR HOME if this is a problem . All fittings such as brass handles are supplied inside the cupboard doors. It is not the responsibility of the courier to help you unload the Crates from the vehicle. We use a courier service which will get them to your driveway – but it is your responsibility to arrange sufficient help to unload. Please remember we never know who will be delivering in your area as we use couriers across the UK – hence we only offer a “Crates to your Drive “ service.

All crated deliveries are sent UNINSURED from the minute when they leave REEVES ( At this point our ALL RISKS cover ceases ) We can however arrange additional onwards insurance on the crated delivery if required - please ask us for a price **


All lead times given are approximate - and can only be given once we have placed an order for a container load. Due to the nature of our Business - it can sometimes take a long time to fill a container - but this is outside of our control.

The goods are made abroad and then have to be shipped and Customs cleared - so we can never be specific about delivery dates. We will however attempt give a good estimate based on the information supplied to us by the factory if required. If you ask us to assess an approximate delivery date at the point when you order - we will endeavor to be as accurate as we can based on previous experience - but this information will only ever be a guess - based on the container status at the time. We cannot be held responsible for variance in delivery time to any suggested dates - as there are too many factors in the process of manufacturing your furniture - through to shipping availability etc - which can affect the final lead time.


Normal lead times from the point where we order a Container are ( approximately ) 5 - 7 weeks to build and finish the final furniture which is ordered - and around 3 - 4 weeks to freight to the UK. These are approximate lead times only as all of our orders are built to customers specifications - so we cannot be liable for any time variation caused by matters outside of our control.


We have had a couple of problems in the last 18 years where in error a piece of furniture has been left at the factory in error when loading – and also where a customer has ordered multiple items but only 1 has been made by the factory in error. In the event of an expected item not being in the container when it is unpacked – we can only offer the following solutions

1. We can offer to refund you in full for the missing item(s)
2. We can have them added to the next container we ship to the UK

We cannot and do not accept responsibility for these occurrences which are totally outside of our control and whilst we appreciate this is very annoying – we are in the hands of the factory when they load.


If any damage should occur in transit en route to the UK - the procedure is as follows. The goods are shipped to Southampton or Felixstowe ports. here they are Customs cleared and send to our Freight Agents warehouse for unloading. If there is any apparent damage to the packs upon unloading - our Freight Agents will sign the delivery as damaged. We have to notify the Insurance Company immediately and prevent any collections / Collections from being made until the Insurers notify us whether they will send down an assessor to view such damage. This is an inconvenience - but the goods will become uninsured immediately they are removed from the Warehouse - so please be aware of this. We will always push hard from our end to resolve such problems as quickly as possible.


For crated deliveries - please just sign as accepting the crate in good condition. We do not expect you to open the crate before signing. The wooden crates are very tough and we have never seen damage inside the crate. From time to time we may opt to charge for a crated delivery - but in fact to have the item Hand delivered for the same price and not to crate the furniture - if our load permits. This way you get white glove delivery for the same price as a rate and courier service ** In the event we choose to do this - the crate fee is non returnable as the White Glove delivery costs quote a lot more than the Courier service on a crate - but offers you a better all round experience.** This is only ever done at our own discretion and all goods are fully insured **


As we cannot import to the UK or Europe any more whilst trying to achieve the NMRO requirements - we may offer to put you into direct contact with the factory so you can buy direct from them. We will if required ask them to provide shipping to your Country and will furnish you with all of this information as we dont believe they should lose trade due to our EU legislation. They are outside of the EU and are not governed by the same restrictions as us importing to the UK. Should you wish to proceed - this is at your own risk - as we are not party to the transaction in any way. Furthermore we privy to any countries legislation as regards this law other than the UK. We have dealt with the factory for over 20 years and can guarantee they will send the crated furniture - but should your country have an issue with you buying this product in from China - you would be responsible as you pay the factory direct - not Finesse Furniture ltd. We offer this option only to those in urgent need of more furniture who cannot wait for us to comply with the NMRO requirements



Terms and Conditions
Download our Terms and Conditions PDF


All of our Rosewood furniture has been designed with floating panels built into each face of the furniture. These are designed with tongue and groove joints and are the reason behind the "grooves" which you will see on the tops of all our desks and tables etc and on each face of the furniture. These grooves and the floating panels they accommodate are specifically designed to take up the movement which occurs in all solid wood furniture both seasonally and when it is moved into a new environment and atmosphere. The grooves allow the structure to take up expansion and contraction in the main panels of the furniture.

During the first month or so, you may be alarmed to hear the occasional "crack". This is not the timber cracking. This noise occurs when the varnish at joints in the grooves comes under tension as the panels expand or contract and then suddenly releases as the varnish at the joint within the groove gives and "cracks" with the movement The furniture will, however, quite quickly adjust and settle into new humidity and temperature conditions, at which point the movement stops - unless and until the environmental conditions change again. If and when this happens the grooves will again come into play and allow the furniture to adjust without warping, deforming or the timber itself cracking. Once the varnish has "given" once any later movement is however usually silent.

All solid timber furniture when it is new or moved into a different environment will adjust to its new environment and move. Unless movement has been allowed for in the design of solid timber furniture, it can and invariably does result in the furniture warping and/or the timber itself splitting and cracking causing irreparable damage. Our furniture is designed specifically so as to avoid this happening.

With the Floating Centre Panel method of construction - it is normal for a little shrinkage or expansion to occur when the furniture is placed into a centrally heated house - as it settles. This results in an exposed area of wood alongside the edges of the floating panels becoming visible - and sometimes on the same newly exposed section ( the lowest pieces of wood inside the groove ) also small hairline splits in the wood. This happens with all Solid Wood manufactured using floating panels. With a fixed panel construction- heat or cold can cause the wood to expand or shrink and cause the timber to crack. With floating panels - the central panel can expand or contract freely - preventing the wood from splitting - but the result can be on shrinkage that you end up with a line of unpolished timber appearing around the grooves.


We recommend leaving the furniture to settle for around 4 months - after which time it will have stabilized. A good French polisher can then come and touch up the lines around the edge of each panel to cover the shrinkage marks. The shrinkage will normally only happen as the rosewood furniture acclimatizes to your home surroundings - and once it has settled and been polished out should never occur again. This also applied to ridges and minor warping around the edge of panels during shrinkage. They can be taken down by a French Polisher with fine grade 000 wire wool and polished out invisibly - so no not worry if shrinkage occurs

All solid wood will expand and contract a little with temperature changes.It is a natural product and will move until it settles in the humidity of your home We recommend leaving the furniture to settle for around 4 months - after which time it will have stabilized. A good French polisher can then come and touch up the lines around the edge of each panel to cover the shrinkage marks. The shrinkage will only normally ever occur as the rosewood furniture acclimatizes to your home surroundings - and once it has been polished out should never occur again. This also applied to ridges and minor warping around the edge of panels during shrinkage. They can be taken down by a French Polisher with fine grade 000 wire wool and polished out invisibly - so do not worry if shrinkage occurs



As each piece of timber is unique – it will take the wood stain slightly differently to other pieces. For this reason on all real wood furniture you will see colour variances between different panels. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE WOOD COLOURS for this reason. If you buy real wood furniture then you should accept and be ready for some colour variance which actually adds to the beauty and individuality of each unique product bought from us. We offer Wood colour samples as an indicator of wood tone only – and by placing an order with us – you accept this colour situation. Solid wood furniture can also of course have imperfections, dents or pit marks in its surface by virtue of the fact it is a natural product. Each piece is unique. For example One panel may be smoother than another and also a different colour to its neighboring panels With all wooden furniture you need to expect some minor marks and indentations on the surfaces and these are considered to be normal. When polished they do not detract from the overall beauty of our furniture. Due to shaping of the parts used to construct each piece - it is not always possible to "sand out " some dents as this would distort the overall shape of the part being worked on - for example on arms and legs of our products.The factory will sometimes add a toned filler to fill imperfections in large panels - as there is no "perfect wood surface" but overall you can expect as good a surface finish as can be achieved on our furniture. If you want furniture with a perfect finish, a uniform colour or a totally unblemished surface -then it may be better to look at veneered or laminate furniture where a thin sheet is applied over a many made board thus removing the blemishes associated with solid wood furniture - and also a uniform colour is more achievable.


The factory is in Central China. Our contact who runs the factory is based in Hong Kong. When we place our order our contact interprets the English and translates to Chinese for the workers. Sometimes the factory have been known to change specifications if they feel it achieves a better finish or is more practical. In these circumstances - which are quite rare - the factory will always contact us to advise of the changes made. In these circumstances - the factory will then either offer a discount for you to take the furniture which they have modified - or will offer to remake the furniture to your spec ( which may cause some delay ) or alternatively will offer a full refund and will sell the furniture elsewhere. Finesse Furniture Ltd cannot accept any liability for changes made to customers orders outside of our control. Should this happen - as soon as we are contacted to advise of any modifications - we will offer you the same alternatives - a full refund, a remake ( which may extend delivery time ) or a discount to take the modified furniture as interpreted by the factory. In the unlikely event of any product being made incorrectly by the factory ( ie not to your specifications ) – we will offer a remedy by way of replacement ( on our next container ) or refund if you do not wish to wait for a remake ** Subject to the approval of the factory.   


Every endeavor is made to supply goods of sound workmanship and materials – but no guarantee, warranty or condition, statutory or otherwise is given or implied as to the soundness, workmanship, efficiency, merchantable quality or fitness of the goods supplied for any particular purpose . Complaints or faulty materials will be investigated in conjunction with the Manufacturers concerned – and upon any examination should it be proved that the furniture has been damaged on site or has been exposed to adverse weather conditions – we cannot accept responsibility. We shall be under no liability whatsoever for the cost of removing such goods – and any other consequential loss or damage direct or indirect whatever the nature.

The Supplier’s liability to the Customer whether arising under contract, tort (including negligence), statutory duty or otherwise for any loss or damage shall at the Supplier’s option be limited to recovery of direct damages not exceeding the cost of repair or replacement or re-supply of the Products or equivalent products. The Supplier shall in no event be liable to the Customer for any indirect, economic, incidental, special or consequential loss including, without limitation, loss of profits or use or goodwill or anticipated savings or revenue or contracts, whether or not the Supplier has been advised of the possibility of such loss.


We bring all furniture into the UK on sealed containers with all furniture being pre- wrapped and packed by the factory. We never unpack furniture until we arrive at a customers house to ensure that it travels well protected. If there is a problem with any of the furniture when it is unpacked - or for example the wrong item has been packed - we will offer you the following options in the following order.

Option 1

Offer to take it back and replace it for you if it has been made incorrectly This gives you the right to refuse to accept the goods as they are not to your specification - and we will replace them for you to your spec on our next container import - or issue a refund if you prefer.. Our liability should the wrong goods be supplied is to either replace on the next container or refund you in full . As clearly we have no control over what is packed and sent - we will not be able to get the furniture remade and shipped by air or sea as we do not allow for this in our pricing structure.

Option 2

If you choose to keep the furniture having seen the problems with it - then we will carry the goods into your house and unpack them for you. We will then on our return e mail the factory and advise them of the problems - and obtain a discount from the factory for your inconvenience. Once you have opted for us to carry the furniture into your house - the delivery will be considered good - and you may not later change your mind and attempt to reject the goods.

Option 3

If the furniture is correct to your order specifications - but you do not like it when it arrives - we do not accept any liability whatsoever as it is your responsibility to check the specification carefully at point of order.


For those people wishing to collect from our freight Agents Warehouse - please be aware of the following statement




Reeves are very amiable and will be quite happy for you to carefully remove the outer packaging in their warehouse to check all is well with your furniture – and then of course to re-wrap the furniture before you leave. 

If you choose to remove your furniture WITHOUT UNWRAPPING IT FIRST – then we WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY LIABILITY for any damage problems discovered after the furniture leaves the warehouse. The insurers will otherwise state that of course you could have caused damage to the furniture carrying it out of your van or damage it carrying into the house.


We will then liaise with the insurers on the best way to deal with any such damages. For minor damage - such as surface scratches caused in transit - we normally opt to pay for a French Polisher to carry out the repair at our expense to quickly restore the furniture to its expected finish. This is the quickest and most effective solution for minor marks. As the furniture is made in Central China - there is a lot of shipping and handling in various ports en route to the UK - and sometimes minor damage can occur. We normally prefer the French Polisher option as it quickly and professionally restores the furniture to its original condition - invisibly.

We will not be able to offer an immediate replacement as all orders are built to specification - but we will make contact with the UK Insurance agents on your behalf to arrange a visit by them to inspect the damage ( wherever this is deemed to be the requirement by the Insurance agents ) .

They will then contact the Insurance company to report damage from where the decision will be taken by the Insurers on which is the best way to remedy the problem. As you can appreciate - we are furniture importers and not an Insurance company - but we will always endeavor to pursue claims on your behalf as best we can to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Normally this will be by way of either a French Polisher to repair minor damage - or if necessary ( where sanctioned by the Insurance company ) a replacement to be made and shipped to the UK on our next container order.

This will always be the way in which replacements will be sent to the UK due to the prohibitive cost of freighting single items to the UK from the factory - so please do not expect an Immediate replacement - as the unit will need to be remade, refinished, packed and freighted. Our prices reflect this style of service and not Air Freighting of replacements should they ever be required ( in the rare event of a problem )


We are happy to build furniture to your own photographs or specifications. However during the process of matching your requirements - the factory may decide that the furniture has to be constructed in a different manner to that which you may have seen if you have visited us - to achieve the look and dimensions that you are looking for - or to maintain the required amount of strength in the final products. They are the experts and we never forget this.

If you order Bespoke furniture from us - all orders are placed on the basis that the Factory can design and build your furniture in the way which they deem to be the most appropriate from a construction point of view. For example if you order a standard bed from our range - it will come with around 5 slats - and two top panels . If you order a bed to match your own design- or indeed a photograph - the factory may opt for example to use maybe 10 top slats and no top panels - if it suits the style of furniture from your  supplied photograph.

Finesse Furniture Ltd will not entertain any claims that furniture is not built in the same manner as our standard product range - as this may not be practical or aesthetically pleasing . We have 100 per cent faith in the design and construction skills of our factory- and are happy that any bespoke furniture supplied will meet the same level of construction as out standard range of products.


Whilst the container is filling - we may at time to time deem it necessary to advertise some "Special Offers" in a bid to speed up the loading time of the container. All Special Offers are advertised for short periods of time to prompt orders from customers and we from time to time may offer products at cost price simply to speed the container filling time up.

Once your order has been placed with us and your deposit has been paid - we buy in US$ at the prevailing rate to pay for your furniture. If you later see the same item on our site as a result of either a Special Offer or as a result of us lowering or raising prices in response to Currency fluctuations - we will under no circumstances make any changes to the price quoted .


All silk and material colours shown on our site cannot be guaranteed to be identical. All swatches have had to be scanned to put on the Website and the light from the scanner can change tones slightly. If you are concerned about this -please e mail us and we will send you a Sample of your chosen colour - which will need to be returned to us recorded delivery.