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Chinese Silk Cushions

We are unfortunately no longer able to ship containers of furniture to the UK due to new EU based Legislation covering imports by Businesses for resale. This will be disappointing for many of you who have used us for Quality furniture in the past

However - it is NOT illegal for you to import furniture for Personal Use ! I have checked this with NMRO enforcement - and anybody can import for personal use - just not for resale for a profit through a business.As we cannot import for you any more - I AM HAPPY TO PUT YOU DIRECTLY IN TOUCH WITH THE FACTORY SO YOU CAN BUY DIRECT !! Please click on any item from the Main Menu at the top for more info ......

See document confirming IT IS LEGAL TO BUY FOR YOUR OWN USE here ( Names removed for security only )


They said they were sending out somebody for an "Informal meeting " to explain the legislative changes. Three people in suits arrived at my house and then promptly cautioned me ( like a criminal ) - and then told me I cannot import any more without being able to prove full traceability back 9 years on all timber used in our furniture - down to the tree and the person who cut the logs.

Not only is this impossible to show - but is basically putting me out of business. We have historically imported small orders only ( one or two 20 foot container per year ) built to spec as a service to our customers who wish to add to their Rosewood Collections ( many having bought furniture back from the far East over the years ).

We have shown that our timber is not on the CITES endangered list
( True Rosewood is endangered - but our product is made from non CITES listed timber) All of our products are made from

Chinese Rosewood ( Chafuta Afzalea ( Afzelia xylocarpa )
Redwood ( Hovenia Ducis Hund ) used inside drawers etc *
Chinese Ash ( Fraxinus mandshurica Rupr )

I spent weeks putting together a large page document for them showing import VAT from the Factory and invoices for the timber - proving legally imported - along with proof this is all Chafuta Afzelia - only to get it left for 6 months and then rejected . If we import furniture for resale it will be impounded and we will be fined.

I feel angry that this legislation has stopped my business - but I see no reason why I cannot put you directly in touch with our factory - who can supply your furniture. You will have to have it shipped to Southampton or another port and arrange Collection on arrival. You will order directly from the Factory. I have know the factory owner for over 20 years and he is totally honorable. He will provide a quotation direct to your nearest Sea port and ship fully insured for you. Please e mail me on sales@rosewoodfurniture.co.uk for further information.

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