As you live outside of the UK - we can offer fantastic prices based on shipping rosewood furniture Direct to your nearest Sea Port from the factory . As we do not have to handle the goods - we make only a token profit to cover the paperwork - and thus we can keep the prices VERY VERY LOW. Manufacturing will take around 6 - 8 weeks from point of order unless the item is from our stock range - and if we have it in stock. If we have the carcass in stock in its raw wooden state - it may take as little as 2 - 3 weeks to apply the colour and finish.




We require payment in full for all consignments outside of the UK. To keep our worldwide prices low - we take your payment and transfer funds directly to the factory who will then produce your furniture - and ship it directly to your nearest sea port. At all stages we will keep you informed as to the progress of your order - right through until its arrival at your Sea Port. All original documentation will be air mailed to you prior to the ship arriving - in readiness for collection.


See below for some Customer orders - packed and sent direct in Crates

The factory will send a photo like this once your furniture is made - so you can check everything is as expected. Once approved the goods then go for Packing ( Foam and Corrugated ) and this is then crated - and sent for shipping. At this point all documents and insurance policy are Air Mailed to you. The local agent at at your port will contact you on arrival to take payment of VAT and Port Fees - and you can then collect your furniture - or arrange a home delivery.