Conditions of Sale

We require payment in full for all consignments outside of the UK. To keep our worldwide prices low - we take your payment and transfer funds directly to the factory who will then produce your furniture - and ship it directly to your nearest sea port.

At all stages we will keep you informed as to the progress of your order - right through until its arrival at your Sea Port. All original doumnetation will be air mailed to you prior to the ship arriving - in readiness for collection.



The factory is in Central China. Our contact who runs the factory is based in Hong Kong. When we place our order our contact interprets the English and translates to Chinese for the workers. Sometimes the factory have been known to change specifications if they feel it achieves a better finish or is more practical. In these circumstances - which are quite rare - the factory will always contact us to advise of the changes made. In these circumstances - the factory will then either offer a discount for you to take the furniture which they have modified - or will offer to remake the furniture to your spec ( which may cause some delay ) or alternatively will offer a full refund and will sell the furniture elsewhere. Finesse Furniture Ltd cannot accept any liability for changes made to customers orders outside of our control. Should this happen - as soon as we are contacted to advise of any modifications - we will offer you the same alternatives - a full refund, a remake ( which may extend delivery time ) or a discount to take the modified furniture as interpreted by the factory.


We will supply you with Insurance details prior to the arrival of your goods. Should there be any damage - you should contact the Insurance agent listed on your form who will call to assess the damage and put the claim into motion. All worldwide orders are shipped fully insured on an All risks basis to safeguard against any unforeseen problems.


Payment is required in full before we process your order. For your own security we recommend that you pay by Credit Card as this affords extra security for you. Once your payment has been made - we transfer the funds to the factory to start production. Payments once made are not refundable - however we may at our discretion issue a refund if the funds have not been transferred to the factory for production to start. In the event that we do decide to issue a refund then we reserve the right to reclaim the processing fees which we are charge by the Credit Card Company. On GBP Payments we are charged 2.5% processing fees for taking a payment - and on US$ we are charged 3.3% for taking a payment from overseas. We also reserve the right to make a charge for admin time involved in processing to this point at both our end and the factory end of up o US$140 in the event of a cancellation after production has started - and to cancel the order as long as the factory are happy to accept the cancellation from us. If the factory refuse the cancellation as the units ordered are bespoke to the customer and not resaleable - then we will not make a refund to the customer - as clearly stated in our terms above.


The Tung Oil finish on our furniture is produced by hand. Whilst our samples give an idea of colour - we cannot guarantee the final colour being identical - as the pigments in each batch of oil will vary - and the effect will vary depending on the tone of the wood used for each piece.


All silk and material colours shown on our site cannot be guaranteed to be identical. All swatches have had to be scanned to put on the Website and the light from the scanner can change tones slightly. If you are concerned about this -please e mail us and we will send you a Sample of your chosen colour - which will need to be returned to us recorded delivery.


With the Floating Centre Panel method of construction - it is normal for a little shrinkage or expansion to occur when the furniture is placed into a centrally heated house - as it settles. This results in an exposed area of wood alongside the centre panels. We recommend leaving the furniture for 3 months. By then any movement should have happened - and a French Polisher can be called in to touch up the exposed surface with the stain from our repair pack. Once this has been done once - it will normally never need doing again.



Goods Sent Worldwide

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Terms and Conditions

All solid wood will expand and contract a little with temperature changes.It is a natural product and will move until it settles in the humidity of your home We recommend leaving the furniture to settle for around 4 months - after which time it will have stabilized. A good French polisher can then come and touch up the lines around the edge of each panel to cover the shrinkage marks. The shrinkage will only normally ever occur as the rosewood furniture acclimatizes to your home surroundings - and once it has been polished out should never occur again. This also applied to ridges and minor warpage around the edge of panels during shrinkage. They can be taken down by a French Poliser with fine grade 000 wire wool and polished out invisbly - so no not worry if shrinkage occurs


All lead times given are approximate - and can only be estimated once we have placed an order . The goods are made abroad and then have to be shipped and Customs cleared - so we can never be specific about delivery dates until the goods have been made and packed. We will however give an estimate based on the information supplied to us by the factory if required. We cannot be liable for delays in production as there are many factors outside of our control. The area of China where our factory is situated is unfortunately prone to Floods at certain times of the year - and Power cuts when this happens which can slow production from a few days to a couple of weeks as a rule. We will however keep you fully informed at all stages as we hear from the factory. as a general rule - from receipt of your order with payment.

Normal Manufacturing time from point of order is 7 - 8 weeks from point of order ( unless the item is an item which they already happen to have built ready to apply the finish ) If you require a special colour match sample prior to this - the factory will not start production until you approve the colour. If the factory have it in stock it may take as little as 2 - 3 weeks to apply the colour and finish .

Once made the furniture photographs will be sent to you for approval. Once approved the product will be packed and crated ready to ship. The crate will have to be fumigated prior to the loading of the item.

Finally the Crate will be loaded onto a container vessel for delivery to your chosen Sea port, At this stage all documents will be Air Mailed to you in readiness for collection and we can confirm the delivery date.

As stated on our Order forms and quotation forms - our prices are shown on a" to the port " basis. We are a furniture exporter only and not a Freight or logistics company. It is your responsibility to check with your Port Authority whether there are any import charges levied on arrival of the furniture - and there may also be Port Handling charges involved for moving the crates as well as documentation fees - and even local Taxation on the imported furniture. These will vary from country to country. As we have no knowledge of worldwide charges - please make sure you check carefully before placing your order. We reserve the right to make an increase on Freight charges and Insurance as we have to pay out using our overseas payments system - which costs us money in fees. The price quoted to you will be the actual costs of freight you will pay and will include our incurred expenses and also a nominal fee for setting the deal up.


We are furniture dealers and not a freight forwarding company. We have no knowledge of any charges or doumentation fees which may be payable on entry into your country by your countries authorities. In the UK the Docs and Handling charges are very low - and we build them into our UK prices. However we cannot be expected to have worldwide knowledge of each countries Port Charges, We strongly advise that you check with your Port Authorities as to what charges will be applied at the port before the goods can be discharged. They will be able to advise you on this. In the UK there is a Docs fee and a Port handling fee but these are very low. Overseas we have no idea. We cannot accept responibility for any unforeseen charges applied on entry to your Country - it is your responsibility to assess this for yourself - and only then should you place your order with us.