World Sales on Chinese Furniture - buy direct !!. Our beautiful hand crafted Chinese furniture is sold on this website at very low prices. We maintain low overheads by selling direct on the internet. Chinese furniture direct to your door with no middlemen.

We deal direct with the factory as we have done for the past 11 years. We only have one supplier based in Central China - where the tradesmen produce this marvellous Chinese furniture using skills handed down from one generation to the next. All of our furniture is built by hand to exactly the specifications you require - and at low prices.

In order to produce our furniture to suit the climate variations worldwide - the timber is subjected to a kiln drying procedure for the period of 3-4 weeks before manufacture of furniture to prevent any damage by the sudden change of temperature and humidity. The Tung Oil finish is applied many times in the two week period after the furniture has been made - to build up the high lustre and protective finish found on all of our products guaranteeing longevity and pleasure to our customers for many years.

Based in Farnham Common Bucks, England and established in 1994 - we have many years experience in the worldwide sales of the finest quality hand crafted Chinese rosewood furniture. In addition to our standard product range of some 1200 items - we are pleased to offer bespoke quotations on any non standard furniture - so feel free to ask if you want something a little different.

Our Chinese Furniture Product Range covers many styles. Many traditional designs are created in our Furniture - including Flower and Bird, Dragon Design, Longlife Design