Rosewood Furniture - Care of your Furniture



All of our furniture is manufactured in southern China by a single supplier who we consider is amongst the very best of rosewood manufacturers to be found anywhere in China. There are numerous other "imitators" who build furniture which is similar in appearance but not in durability or quality. This manufacturer is one of only a few who take the trouble and the time required in the manufacturing process to ensure that all the timber used is properly and adequately kiln dried so as to avoid problems with shrinkage and cracking.

All our Rosewood furniture has been designed with floating panels built into each face of the furniture. These are designed with tongue and groove joints and are the reason behind the "grooves" which you will see on the tops of all our desks and tables etc and on each face of the furniture.

These grooves and the floating panels they accommodate are specifically designed to take up the movement which occurs in all solid wood furniture both seasonally and when it is moved into a new environment and atmosphere. The grooves allow the structure to take up expansion and contraction in the main panels of the furniture.

During the first month or so, you may be alarmed to hear the occasional "crack". This is not the timber cracking. This noise occurs when the varnish at joints in the grooves comes under tension as the panels expand or contract and then suddenly releases as the varnish at the joint within the groove gives and "cracks" with the movement. The furniture will, however, quite quickly adjust and settle into new humidity and temperature conditions, at which point the movement stops - unless and until the environmental conditions change again. If and when this happens the grooves will again come into play and allow the furniture to adjust without warping, deforming or
the timber itself cracking. Once the varnish has "given" once any later movement is however usually silent.

All solid timber furniture when it is new or moved into a different environment will adjust to its new environment and move. Unless movement has been allowed for in the design of solid timber furniture, it can and invariably does result in the furniture warping and/or the timber itself splitting and cracking causing irreparable damage.

Our furniture is designed specifically so as to avoid this happening.