• Beautiful hand crafted furniture which will look stunning for years -  ' The Antiques of the future '
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  • Choose from our range of over 1440 standard items - or have your furniture built to your own specification
  • Seen something elsewhere the wrong size ? Our skilled craftsmen will build it to your specification from a photograph.
  • We can also colour match to your existing furniture. Wood Colour samples produced from your photograph.
  • And please dont worry about shopping online... We only take 30% deposit with order for your peace of mind ......
  • 2nd Payment due only when the furniture is ready to ship - ( we also send photos for approval to ensure you are happy ).
  • We have used our factory for over 20 years - and trust them to deliver outstanding furniture every time !
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  • We also accept payment by Credit Card - for total peace of mind - See our Testimonials Page
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  • Finesse Furniture - The largest collection of  Chinese Rosewood furniture available  - at LOW internet prices

Rosewood Furniture | Oriental Furniture | Chinese Furniture

Classic and contemporary Rosewood Furniture , Oriental furniture, Chinese Furniture - from our huge range or built to your specifications. We Fill and then import Containers of Rosewood Furniture to the UK filled over a period of time using what we call the "SLOW BOAT FROM CHINA " service..

Container Shipping times

We are always asked " How long will a container take to fill " but we cannot answer this as we honestly never know. It depends how fast the container fills up. Sometimes it takes weeks - sometimes a few months. Every container is unique. You can however be sure that you will be delighted with your furniture on arrival - check our Testimonials page

How can I check the current container Status?

Simply click here - rosewood-furniture-intro.php

Every time an order comes in we update the container status Graphic on this page - so you can check this from time to time to see how the container is filling

Why are the lead times so long ?

Our furniture is all Hand Built in China by skilled craftsmen - and furniture of this quality takes around 7 - 8 weeks to build and finish to your specifications and your choice of colours. Then we have to wait for the container to fill with other customers orders before we can ship it economically to the UK. Whilst a container can take a while to fill - this is the most economical way to import Direct from the factory to the UK. Most people are more than happy to wait for the container as it saves a lot of money over purchasing from a Shop. It also allows you to modify your choice of products as you see fit to " custom build " your own ideal sizes and designs.

Also we only take a 30% deposit with order - so no need to pay any more until the furniture is ready to leave the port.

So a LOW DEPOSIT - and we offer full Credit Card facilities for your total protection.

What are the benefits of your container imports ?

Simple - PRICE !! Most people are happy to wait for our High Quality products and like the fact we can make bespoke furniture to their specifications. When you add to our container order you get the VERY BEST quality furniture shipped to the UK AT THE LOWEST PRICES .

If you add your furniture to our Container - WE pay....

* All Import Costs
* Sea freight costs
* All Risks insurance for total peace of mind
* All Docs and Port Handling Fees
* Haulage to our Freight Warehouse in the UK

So add your order to our container and leave the rest to us.

Can I modify the items on your site for size etc. ?

Yes of course - this is our speciality. Why waste your time looking for something to fit a space in your room. We are bespoke specialists. Our factory can make any product - in any style - to any size. Please ask for details. Our factory takes great pride in producing clients Bespoke items. The end product always exceeds our clients expectations.

Oriental Furniture

We believe our Oriental Furniture offers outstanding value for money. By trading on the internet and keeping our overheads low - we pass the savings on to you. Objects of beauty which will become the "Antiques of the Future " With our choice of 4 wood types and 5 colour stains - as well as a range of finishes from Matt to High Gloss - the choice is ours.

Chinese Furniture
We believe truly that ours is the finest Chinese Furniture that you can buy. Our confidence in our relationship with the factory has been forged over the past 15 years of trade. Many containers of beautifully made and presented work ensure our customers come back time and time again. Please see our testimonials page for some of our customers comments.

See our Facebook feed below - we will regularly add photos of our Customers Furniture that we have supplied - so you get a feel for the quality we can offer.


Can I get a faster delivery if I dont want to wait ?

If the factory has your chosen items already built - then it could be packed and crated within a week - and 3 weeks to ship to the UK. If they dont have it in stock - we can build your furniture in around 6 weeks and then ship in 3 weeks via Crated LCL Delivery to Southampton.

To get an idea of the Fast Freight costs Click on any product on our UK website and select the Fast Freight tab. ( see below ). This tab shows you how many cubic metres your furniture will be when packed - and a guidleine rate of the FAST FREIGHT prices. However if you are serious about FAST FREIGHT on an item - we are happy to try and obtain the very BEST price for you so e mail us and ask.


Why dont you just ship all orders via the FAST FREIGHT service ?

Very simple - this is the most expensive method of shipping

If you opt for the FAST FREIGHT service ......YOU HAVE TO PAY

* Crate charge on your furniture
* Collection from factory by our Freight Agents
* All risks Insurance / * Docs fees and charges in China
* LCL Freight
* Customs charges at Southampton
* You then need to collect the crate

Worldwide - We Deliver direct from the factory to your nearest Port !

If you live outside of the UK - we can offer fantastic deals based on shipping Direct to your nearest Sea Port from the factory .

As we do not have to handle the goods - we make only a token profit to cover the paperwork - and thus we can keep our costs VERY VERY LOW. For example if you are based in the USA - any retailer has to ship over containers, pay all haulage and handling fees as well as customs charges - ship to their retail outlet - and also cover the overheads of running their store and staff - BEFORE making any profit.

We just offer the same product shipped in a crate WORLDWIDE - directly from the Factory to your nearest Sea Port - where you can then simply hire a Uhaul or similar - to go and collect the furniture yourself - saving all the costs above.

Ask us to quote a deliver anywhere in the World - you will be amazed at how low the prices will be in comparison to your retail outlets. All our worldwide sales are shipped with full "All Risks Insurance" to cover you .


Carved and Mother of Pearl

We offer Carved options on all of our furniture. Choose from our many styles. For those wanting something a little more special - why not opt for Mother of Pearl Inlay on your furniture. Flower and Bird , Dragon or Fish designs all make for a great finis on Mother of Pearl - where the more popular carvings are Dragon Design, Longlife Design and Flower and Bird

Stain Colours

We offer a range of colours from Natural right through to almost black. Any item on our site can be finished in any of these colours. If you already have rosewood which may have faded with age - we can colour match to your photos ( The factory will mix 3 colours light / Medium and Dark ) and supply a free sample for you to choose from before the stain is applied.

Contemporary Ash Furniture

As well as our range of Classic style rosewood - we now offer a range of Ashwood furniture - which you may find better suits a more modern home . Built to the same exacting standards as our Rosewood furniture range - the Ash range is becoming very popular for customers looking for high quality modern funiture at sensible prices. Feel free to ask for any information ...

Traditional Rosewood Furniture

Feel free to choose from our huge collection - of over 1400 items now on this website. In addition to this - we can built to any specification - copy an item you may have sen and liked - from either drawings or from a photo . The Factory pride themselves on their bespoke work - and are always happy to advise on the structural aspect of furniture - so feel free to ask.